Boulder rolls into our lives

Well, the much anticipated event has finally occurred.  Gia and I drove to  the St. Louis area last weekend and picked up “Old Hemlock Boulder Over”, call name Boulder.  He is a fine little setter pup, and we are enjoying him very much.  Cael, my 5 year old son, is his official owner, and is assisting me in his training.  They are joined at the hip.  So far, we are teaching the “one blast whistle” lesson from George Evans’ “Ten easy lessons” chapter from “Troubles with Bird Dogs”.  He is responding well, and Cael really likes his Roy Gonia whistle!  Here are a few pics:

Boulder and I

Boulder and I

IMG_8603 IMG_8602


So far, Cael is doing a great job as puppy owner, well beyond his 5 years in both responsibility and love for his pup.


Gia and I really enjoyed meeting the other new Old Hemlock owners; a real nice bunch of “setter people”.  We are making plans to attend the annual Old Hemlock reunion next year in West Virginia.

Now, in another story, our little friend Chewie, the Cairn Terrier, is the proud owner of a brand new pacemaker!  I noticed during a minor surgical procedure under anesthesia that he had an abnormally low heart rate, and upon further investigation, that his heart indeed stopped for 5-6 seconds every few beats.  I suspected some sort of heart block, and indeed that was the diagnosis at the internist’s office.  Medication did not help, so it was off to University of Georgia vet school for a pacemaker.   Here’s the poor little guy post surgically.chewie_pic_2


He is doing pretty well now, and his value has gone up remarkably.  About $3K, to be precise.

That just about brings us up to date.  Our setters are doing well, and there has been a high demand for them.  This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for me to segue into my retirement years, which will probably not start for a while seeing as I still have 10 kids to raise, and the youngest is Boulder’s owner!    Bye for now; the developing story of Boulder will continue in future installments…JB

pointing; or peeing, hard to tell.

pointing; or peeing, hard to tell.

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Veterinarian, English Setter breeder, father of 12, hunter.
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