New blood!

Recently, Gia and I received with great celebration the news that we have passed muster to receive an Old Hemlock puppy!  These are from the very lines developed by George Bird Evans, the well known and much loved writer, illustrator, setter breeder, and upland hunter whose property near Bruceton Mills, WV, his beloved Old Hemlock, provides the name for this famous line.  A picture being worth, on average, a thousand words, especially if it involves a setter puppy, here you go!



The proud, if somewhat frazzled (understandably!) mother is Old Hemlock Sarah Vaughan, Sass for short.  Obviously her owner, Steve Hitsman, is a jazz fan, as well as a hunter and setter lover.  Below is a photo of the sire and dam together.  The sire is Old Hemlock Buckeye Casey, on the right, owned by Mr. Richard Baylor.  


All the new owners are to pick up their puppies on “Puppy Day”, which will be March 29th.  We have 3rd pick of 4 males, and we plan to use him in our breeding program.  The Old Hemlock owners are a close knit group of really fine folks, and I look forward to meeting them all.  They even have an annual get together in West Virginia, dogs optional but highly encouraged!  Hopefully we can make that next year.

Oh, by the way, I was invited on a quail hunt by a nice gentleman, Mr. Jim Hardee, who lives near my office.  He took me to a preserve /club he belongs to near Rome, GA, and we had a great time.  I took Flint, who thoroughly enjoyed himself but not necessarily hunting, which steeled all the more my resolve to get these guys further along in their field training.  I will probably join the club where I went with Jim, since it is within an hour’s drive and very nice, well organized, and pretty large at about 5000 acres.  I did discover, much to my delight, that I can still shoot, with very few misses and some quite challenging shots made.  I think that trip added about 5 years to my life!  Flint and I were tuckered out, but happy, upon our return home.  Also, I have made the acquaintance of a really nice fellow hunter and setter man in Mr. Hardee.  Not a bad day.

As things develop, with the new pup and training these furry foot warmers to hunt, I will be back.  Goodbye for now,   Jim



About Jim Barger

Veterinarian, English Setter breeder, father of 12, hunter.
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1 Response to New blood!

  1. Jayne Huber says:

    I love these Old Hemlock pups! I would like to see him when he gets to your home. Good to see the young and old out hunting! Love to read your posts and see pics! Your fav sis!

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