Hello, readers, long time no post. Very busy

Hello, readers, long time no post.  Very busy around the Barger house, with 2 litters of setters this spring and lots of other animal and people goings on.  We will be taking the alpacas to north Ga. this week for shearing and other maintenance, and possible breeding of Sahara if she is not already pregnant (which an ultrasound will hopefully reveal).

I know what you are used to seeing on this blog, and many topics I have covered are interesting and important:


Puppies are still cute, and provide the gun dogs and family pets of the future.  Little boys with puppies are just adorable, and in their hands lie the future of our great country.


Chewy is still at it, this time a torn nail (to the quick- ouch!); he would not disengage from the whatever he was after and when Dad pulled him away, the nail was the weak link.  Terrier and terror start with the same four letters, you know.  He will live to fight another day.


.308 Win. caliber, Savage Model 10-FCP K, 6-24 mil dot scope.  Capable of < 1/2 moa out to 600 yards at least.  Awesome!

,Wild Blaze azaleas, God’s handiwork and harbinger of spring.  Beautiful.


But, today, this is what I want to comment about.  In all of creation, certainly above all worldly affairs and political concerns, there is nothing save out Creator and Savior who trumps the importance of mothers, and motherhood.


This is my beautiful wife of 29 years, Gia, surrounded by 9 of her loving children and one of 2 grandchildren.  We have 12 kids altogether, but getting them all in a photo together at once is crowd control beyond my capability.  But you get the idea.  Good, wise and , above all, loving, mothers are the bedrock upon which a family is built, the source of love upon which the children feed and grow into loving adults.  Few are perfect, mind you, (actually, none!), but who can learn from perfect?  A humble spirit, willing to admit when she is wrong, is a hallmark of a great mother.  Making a house more than a structure; making it a place of refuge and rest, of safety and love, to which all are attracted and none want to leave.  Seeing the shape of the scaffolding her kids are made of, so as to know how to direct them and teach them, to fill in the gaps.  And, how to impart these qualities to her daughters, and give good example to her sons, so that this family, this building block of God’s economy, can be continued in perpetuity.  Making this world a better place for all future generations.

MOM-the most important job title in the world,  BAR NONE!  I am thankful that my kids have a great one, and that I have a great partner in this all to short leg of our journey through eternity….JB

About Jim Barger

Veterinarian, English Setter breeder, father of 12, hunter.
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