Sorry, long time no post!  Gia and I have been busy with a litter of 8 Eng. Setter pups from Judy, our tricolor, by Flint.  What a handsome bunch!  As I type, we are resting in a hotel in Emporia, VA, after driving all day to deliver 2 pups to 2 different folks from up north.  Sounds crazy, but it is a good excuse for a road trip, and we really like to see the new owners’ faces when they first get their pups.  So, haven’t worked up the photos I need for the woa post blog yet.  Bear with me.

Instead, how about another Chewy story?  He was back on again Friday 4/5, somewhat bloated (looked like a furry, over inflated rugby ball), pooping about 4x normal (volume and frequency, per owner), and feeling just a bit distressed.  You see, he had found, acquired, and consumed 2 large bags of treats, one of which was dried sweet potatoes, which we assume was responsible for the orange colored stools.  One would think that little Chewy would have had enough, and would have been swearing off food like a reformed alcoholic a bottle of cheap wine, but, no!  When the owner handed me the evidence (empty treat bags), the turgid little terrier went from hang dog depressed to this:



Give the man a tube of laxative for his canine eating machine and send him home.  I think he’ll live…JB

About Jim Barger

Veterinarian, English Setter breeder, father of 12, hunter.
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