Funny thing happened in my waiting room today…

How about a little comic relief?  Our orange Belton female setter, Leah, has been in heat, but up to and including this morning, refusing our male, Flint, and his amorous overtures.  Just to make sure that we had not missed the breeding window, my wife Gia brought Leah to my veterinary office today to have a vaginal swab / cytology done to determine where Leah was in her heat cycle.  Within a few minutes of entering the office, while still standing in the waiting room, Flint “made a pass” at Leah, which she accepted, and they were soon locked in a lovers’ embrace- IN MY WAITING ROOM!  We managed to get them into the surgery before any other clients came in, thank God.  Can you imagine explaining to some young mother with her small children in tow just why you allowed such salacious behavior in your waiting room, necessitating prematurely the dreaded “talk” about birds, bees, and sex crazed setters?  Actually we all had a good laugh.  Needless to say,the test procedure was not necessary, as the proof, as they say, was in the pudding!  Puppies due from Judy any day now, and Leah should bring in a litter in 9 weeks or so.  Ah, the life of a vet!  Between our dog breeding business, our chicken shenanigans (yes, we have roosters), and our alpaca Casanova, Danger, our kids are pretty much desensitized to the realities of animal reproduction.  A couple months ago, my 8 year old, Eli, breezed by me in the kitchen and casually, without even breaking stride, said, “Oh,yeah, Dad, the alpacas are mating again”.

Sure makes “the talk” a lot easier!

Photos are of the loving couple; should be pretty cute puppies, don’t you think?ImageImage

About Jim Barger

Veterinarian, English Setter breeder, father of 12, hunter.
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